Review: Alpinestars Ridge Waterproof Boots

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Opinion:Solid construction, good waterproofing, easy to put on, a bit bulky

Approx Miles Used: 9,000

MSRP: $129.95, I paid $58.00 on ebay for a display pair(luck of the draw, I wear size 13’s)

In an attempt to clean up the review format, I’m going to make use of a ROAM acronym for the reviews like we have been for the ride reports.

After a LOT of riding with these in almost every condition, from 25F up to 95F and from full sun to monsoon rain, these boots have proved themselves well. As with all my gear thus far, no crash tests(Thank God). The “waterproof” in the name is spot on, one of the few pieces of motorcycle apparel that I’ve had which have held up through multiple days in downpours. The boots have consistently kept my feet dry through long rides in heavy rains. They are warm with regular socks down to about the 40’s, and I’ve gone down to about 25F with a couple pairs of thick socks. They can get hot in the summer, but they’re waterproof, so you can’t really expect much in the way of ventilation. If your out in the summer, plan on bringing something to change in if you’re walking around a lot or your feet will sweat a ton.

The boots go on and off pretty easily, with a huge strip of Velcro going up either ankle. There’s also a zipper between the lower part of the Velcro, but I almost never open it. The boots run a tad large, so take advantage of the half sizes. I normally wear a 13, and these 13s are loose enough where I could fit a very thick knit wool sock over a ski sock in the boot. However, the big Velcro closures do allow me to get these pretty tight. The Velcro has held up great, and I don’t imagine it will be an issue for a long time.

I’ve worn these boots for long tours of almost 400 miles, wearing them on and off the bike for the full day, and they were fine throughout. They are stiff, which is good for protection, but not to the point where I would need to bring a change for short off the bike walks. Now, if you’re headed to a state park to do some hiking after a long ride, I’d definitely consider bringing another pair of shoes along. In my case, the only real reason I’d have to bring a change though is for aesthetics, especially in warmer weather when big black boots don’t exactly go with mesh shorts…. (No, I don’t ride in shorts)

My only real gripe with these is their bulk, and possibly lack of protection. The toes are big and stiff like the rest of the boot, which took some getting used to, but in the end the bulk kind of fades away. They have held up well and the only real wear signs are scuffs, nothing more.

I would most definitely buy these again for a street/touring boot. I will probably look for a more protective boot for the track, but as an all around sport touring boot, this is a fantastic deal. Rock on Alpinestars.


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3 responses to “Review: Alpinestars Ridge Waterproof Boots

  1. Grant

    I wholeheartedly agree with your review of the Alpinestars Ridge boots. I’ve owned a pair for about a year and a half now and have put on many miles with them. I like my boots to fit snugly and these were the only moto-specific boots that I felt actually fit me really, really well and didn’t leave my foot moving around inside (probably thanks to the generous velcro adjustment). As you said, they do run a bit large. I normally wear and 11-1/2, but wear a size 11 in these boots. They’re stiff enough to be protective in a crash, but flexible enough to walk around in without feeling like Frankenstein’s Monster. I live near Seattle and used these boots throughout the fall and winter without my feet getting wet.

    I only have two criticisms of these boots: 1) They’re not as long as I’d like and 2) Because of the way the top outside velcro strap is constructed, they have a tendency to unstrap themselves. For 2010 Alpinestars now has a taller version of this boot called the Roam. Judging from what I’ve seen, this version addresses both of my issues with the Ridge. Also note that the 2010 version of the Ridge has some breathable material on the outside which the manufacturer claims helps them breathe better while remaining waterproof.

    Overall, I would also give these boots an 8/10. My next pair of boots will probably be the higher Roam version, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Ridge boots to other riders.

  2. Hoba

    I have had these boots for 4 years and done some 50 000 kms with them. From northern Norway tundra to southern Morroco deserts.
    Booots are very comfortable for riding, but require to take pair of normal boots if you plan to go further from your moto on the trip. When they were new, even in heavy downpours my feet were dry and secured.

    Unfortunately, now the wateproofness is gone (although the boots recieved regular care) and even a light rain means you have a pool in your boots. The leather parts also started to come apart from the plastic sole and sides and adding glue does not help anymore.

    But considering what they have been through, i still wonder that they lasted so long. I was really happy with them so i will buy a new pair and i hope that it will last at least another 50 000 kms. I could recommend them to everyone. For the price, its a good bargain.

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