2008 Comes to a Close

Well 2008 was a big year for us. I feel like this year really gave me a lot of perspective on life, and how I want to live it. I bought the Bandit, which has been nothing but fun and brought us on many a memorable trips. I’ve learned a lot about motorcycles and riding, and I hope next year I will learn twice as much and see twice as much too!

Today I went on my last ride of the year. About 30 degrees and quite gusty, but a beautiful sunny day. I’m participating in a challenge to ride at least 20 miles each week through the winter, and so far so good. Heated grips and gloves have made this possible in these cold temps, and I hope to stick it out for the duration of the winter.The shot above is actually from last week, same temp, much worse road conditions.

We hope everyone had a good year, despite all the financial turmoil, and we wish everyone a happy, healthy, and exciting 2009!

Enjoy the ride!

Here’s a link to some of my favorite photos of 2008

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  1. 30 degrees! You’re braver than I. The temps in Phoenix have turned me into a baby. Looking forward to reading about your travels next year!

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