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ROAM: Catskills Part 2


From Opus 40 we took 212 through Woodstock, NY which was a super tourist area. From there we hit 28N, 42N, and then West across the Catskills on 23A, another road that might have been fun in less traffic. We then took 82S, nice sweepers and little traffic, to 199W, to 44S, and hopped on 343N to connect to 4W which would eventually bring us to rt. 8. From here we shot strait home down the highway.

Odometer: Google maps says 180, which would total about 286 miles for the day, but my odometer actually ended up at about 314miles. Beautiful day of riding.

Accommodations: As Jodie mentioned, only the bandit for this single day trip.

Meals: See Catskills Part 1

Here’s a view of the catskills in the distance from the Kingston Rhinecliff Bridge on 199. The ride to get to opus 40 was probably more fun than the ride after, which you’ll get to hear about now. Thi is mainly because the roads taken to get there were more off the beaten path with less traffic and aggravation. Cars were few and far between and we kept our own pace, enjoying sweepers and rolling hills. I actually wasn’t that impressed with the Catskills, but I’d like to give them another shot staying off of the main routes and trying to hit some of the connecting roads in between.

So after leaving opus 40 we donned our gear and made our way into the Catskills area. Unfortunately it was hot, damn hot. I was getting very irritated by slow traffic and the heat coming off the bike. Avoiding woodtock would have been nice, but we might have never found a place to eat and then we really would’ve gotten ugly.

I think the shot to the right is of 212, but since many of the roads we were on looked very similar, I could be off. The Catskills main routes definitely lacked in any fun technical stuff, and we saw tons of cruisers out on these roads. Each time we got onto a new route, from 212 to 28 to 42 I hoped for some fun twists in the road, but these were generally just strait roads with a sweeper here and there. I did see a couple bandits though! One had red Corbins on was really moving along. No shots of him though, fast as lightning! (hahah)

23A across the upper Catskills was a long strait shot until then end where it started to descend and has some turns, but the snail pace of traffic was sure to keep us within the limits of the law. I was getting very tired, perhaps from work the day prior, and for the first time in any of out trips I really felt the need to stop. We pulled into a rite aid, got a snack and a red bull(bleh, first time in years) and took a rest. After 15 minutes or so I was feeling a lot better so we hopped on and took on the arduous task of finding 82 from 23A. Some poor signage delayed us a bit but we eventually made it down the road, and after almost everyone got on the Taconic we had a nice open road to ourselves. Again nothing too fun but it was nice just to ride without changing pace every minute.

We took 82 down to 199 and then made our way through Sharon, CT. Somewhere along this path there was a tight left turn in the road with a jersey barrier on the right which really reminded me of the road in Poland that I first rode on with my brother. We tried to get a video of me going through it but technical difficulties and looming police sent us on our way. From Sharon we got to rt 4 and back to rt. 8. From then on we didn’t bother with any detours and just made our way home.

This sums up the day for me: A great time with someone I love.

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