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Weather taking a turn..

nov15weatherWell after a week of collecting stuff for troops, organzing, and shipping care packages, dentists vists, and hospital stays, I haven’t taken a ride in almost two weeks…

Add to that the fact the sun is going down before 5PM, and my riding time has been knocked way down. Here comes another good note-> snow…

Le Sigh…

This morning I came home and looked over at the bike’s shed and thought, hell, what’s 10 minutes. So I fired it up, after a bit of coaxing, and let the bike warm up. Hearing the bike run and having the sun shining got me going. Again I thought, what’s another 10 minutes as I threw on my gear. I took the bike for a quick spin around town, adrenaline pumping so I barely felt the frigid air on my legs (only in jeans). The Bandit was a bit finicky at first, but after a few minutes it felt just fine. Filled it up in hopes of making cold starting easier, and put it away again. (More dental work today)

So after that cool ride I’ve come to a few realizations:

1) My winter MotoBoss gloves are teh suck. I need heated gloves if I want to keep riding, or keep my fingers.

2) The threat of precipitation takes on a whole new meaning to a rider when temps fall.

3) If I don’t ride every day, I’m going to need to make it a point to warm up the bike anyway. The long interval since the last start seemed to make it pretty difficult to fire up.

4) With almost no room in my shed, I have no clue how I’m going to do all the work I planned to do during the cold season.

5) I still can’t afford heated gear.

COMING UP: Reviews of the gear we used this season! First on the plate.. The Tourmaster Intake Air Series 2 Jacket.


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